How to clean paintball mask foam?

If you are into a paintball game, then you must require a mask. There are two types of paintball games; one uses paintballs, and the other uses the woodsball.

There are lots of masks present in the market; each one of them can hold against the impacts when you are playing with the paintballs. But when you are using the woodsball instead of the paintballs, every mask cannot be used.

Mask plays a key role in this game; you cannot compete without wearing a mask. 

There are qualities of a mask; one should know them so that he/she can buy a mask that they can use and help them play this game quite well.

There are parts of a mask; that is:

  • Lens
  • Upper part
  • Lower part or skirt

Lenses are installed to protect your eyes from the paintball or the other balls that are used. Besides this, the best lens that you should use is the dual-pane thermal coated lens that can protect you from the radiations. 

The lens should have qualities like fog-resistance, scratch-proof and dust-proof. The upper part protects your forehead. Some masks are capable of providing full head protection. 

You can buy the extra parts and join it with your masks to protect your whole head.

The skirt or the lower part is made to protect your mouth and jaws. So overall mask is necessary to play this paintball game; you can get hurt if you do not wear a best paintball mask on the field.

When we talk about comfort; then, many factors come in this list. The mask should provide comfort to the head, eyes and the ears. 

When you buy a mask that cannot provide comfort, you may not play this game effectively. Because you are not comfortable wearing this mask, all the professionals recommend using a mask that will provide you comfort on the field.

The best quality foam provides you with a comfy wearing installed on the interior; besides this, it is present at the side of the lens and around your ears. When you wear the best paintball mask, then this foam will allow you a comfy wearing.

It would be best if you bought a mask with the best foam; besides this, foam can be changed once used. There are masks in which you can change the foam once it is damaged. 

In the mask in which there is no option to change the foam of the mask; you will face difficulty in using again. So you have to buy a new mask for yourself.

To clean your paintball mask; first, you have to take all the parts away. Once you have open the whole assembly, then you need to start cleaning your mask. When you are a paintball player, then you have played in different fields. 

There is mud that can enter your mask; besides this, when you play the foam soaks your sweat. In this way, the mud gets into the foam also. Now to clean this, you have to do something so that it does not get damaged. 

If you have a mask with the feature to remove the triple-density foam; you need to remove the foam, and you can clean the foam separately using a special type of soap. 

You cannot use the soap or the element that you use to cleans your house or utensils. You will need a special soap recommended by the manufacturer of the mask so that it does not face any damage. 

When the foam does not work properly; then you can buy new foam and replace it with the used one. You can do this easily if you have a mask that provides the best option of a quick foam changing system. 

Best paintball mask

But in the second types of masks when there are no options to change the foam, you cannot remove it from the mask to clean it. Then you have to clean the foam attached with the mask. In this way, it will be difficult for you to do this procedure.

Every paintball player loves his mask; besides this, every player loves to take care of his mask. It is necessary if you want to have a perfect game of paintball on the field. 

There are certain things in a mask that you need to look after:

  • Lens
  • Foam
  • If the mask has ear pads, you need to keep them clean

It does not matter how the mask looks from the outside; the main point is that it supports you well in the field. 

The lens needs more care than anything in a mask; professionals do their best to keep the lens clean because only then you will get a clear look of the field. 

When you buy a mask, then there are certain things that you need to look in the lens. Those are:

  • Thermal coating
  • Scratch-proof lens
  • Dust-proof lens
  • Fog-resistive lens

You need to keep in mind that in some masks, foam is installed to protect your ears. But through the foam, you cannot hear your teammates clearly on the field. 

To solve this, all you have to do is to buy pads that can provide noise transfer through them to face no difficulty on the field.


Basically, in every mask, foam is installed so that it can offer you a comfy wearing. Besides this, it soaks all your sweat from your face and keeps your eyes safe. 

Everyone must use a mask that contains the triple-density best quality foam. 

Some of the masks can change the foam with the help of a quick foam changing option. 

You should change your foam when it does not have the ability to provide you comfort. All you have to do is buy foam and replace it.



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