How To keep Your Paintball Mask From Fogging?

When you play paintball game you have to wear a mask; without a mask, you cannot participate in paintball game. It is one of the reasons that paintball players wear the paintball mask. 


Besides this, the one other thing that this mask does is that it protects your face.


When you wear a mask; what it does is that, it protects your face from the paintball and the impacts that you can face on the field. When you are playing on the field, there is the possibility that paintballs can hit your face. 


When they hit, they can damage your eyes and face; so a mask is used to protect your face. There are three parts of a mask one is a lens that is used to protect your eyes. 


The upper part of the mask is used to protect your forehead from the impacts.

The lower part is also known as a skirt designed to protect your jaws and the mouth so that it does not affect them.


When you are playing in the cold temperature conditions; then there is a possibility that your mask lens may fog up. This will cause problems for you to play the game. 


When there is fog on your lens, you cannot see your enemies as there is no clear view; this may turn up as losing the game of paintball.

Many people are asking a question that; 

What problems can you face when your lens fog-up?

You should know that when you have a mask whose lens is not fog resistant. 


If you are playing in a weather condition that causes fog to appear on the screen; this may cause much harm. 


You will not be able to see the field clearly; besides this. As a result, you can lose the whole game of paintball.


You can learn it from an example: when you are driving a car and fog appears on the screen. Then it is almost impossible to see the road because fog does not allow you. 


Same is the case with the paintball mask you will not see what is happening on the field.


Some people try to solve it by removing the lens or even the whole mask; this is not a solution. 


Besides this, by removing the mask, you are putting yourself in danger; you can even have paint in your eyes, affecting your eyesight.

Reasons that cause the mask to fog-up:

Everybody knows that when you are playing in the conditions where the temperature is shallow; you can see the air you exhale. In these conditions, there is a great possibility that your mask will fog-up.


This air contains the vapours of water that you are exhaling. When these vapours gather on the lens of the mask, you cannot see the field. 


This is a hazardous situation for you as you can get hurt on the field; besides this, you will also lose the game.


Another reason is that when the mask has not large vents; this will not help the air circulate from it. 


In this way, the vapours will gather; otherwise, it will remove the fog from your lens when the air is circulating, providing you with a clear view.

paintball mask

How to prevent the lens from fogging up?

The best ways that you can use to resist your mask from fogging up are:

  • Use fog-resistant lens
  • Use a lens cleaner to clean the lens
  • You can add a fan to circulate air through the mask
  • You can use the dual-pane thermal lens. 

The best and easy to resist fog is that you can use a lens with an anti-fog coating on it. 

When you are using this lens, you will have a surety that there is no chance of fog to appear because the lens that you have installed in your mask is fog-resistive. This is a simple and easy way that everyone can use.

Then there comes a method that if you have a lens that is not fog-resistive, you can keep lens cleaner with you all the time. 

Whenever your masks fog-up, you can quickly clean the lens and start playing again. But this method is not the most efficient because you do not have the time to do this on the field.

Many masks have large vents in the market; these vents are useful because they will help the air circulate throughout the mask. When this air reaches the lens, it will reduce the fog and provide you with a clear view.

But if you have a mask that does not have a large lens; then you can add a fan to circulate the air. Many small fans are specially designed for fitting in the mask. 

If you do not find this suitable, then the best thing you can do is use a fog-resistive lens that is the first option for you.

Another best and mainly option used by many players is that you can use a dual-pane thermals lens that can resist the weather conditions.

If you have these lenses, then it does not matter whether you are playing in the hot field or a field where there is the temperature below zero.

It is better to use a dual-pane thermal lens than the single-pane lens; the dual-pane lens offers a lot of help in plying beside the best quality protection. 

You should know a gap between the two lenses; the air is present in this gap. This allows resisting the weather conditions to a great extent than the single-pane lens.

There are some hacks that you can use on all the masks to prevent fog. These are:
  • Shaving cream
  • Bar of soap 
  • Vaseline
  • Water-resistant spray
  • Spitshine

These are the quick life hacks that you can use so that your lens does not fog up.

It is not suitable for you if you are a player who has everything to do with this game. You will need a proper mask with the best quality lens to help you perform best in all the conditions.


Fog is a serious matter whether you are playing a paintball game or in any other case. It would be best if you solved this matter as quickly as possible; in this guide, we have shared some of the best ways that you can use to remove the fog from your lens.

The best method we recommend is to use the fog-resistive lens; this will help you perform best in the field. 

Besides this, you can also use the dual-pane thermal lens. They offer a huge help in reducing the fog from the lens because of the design according to which they are manufactured.

You can do any of them, but you should change the lens because they can cause serious problems.

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