How to mount Go pro to a paintball mask?

Everyone loves to capture the beautiful moments that happen in their life; for the paintball players who also want to capture the moment of glory they gain on the field. 

It is now possible that you can mount a Go-pro on your paintball mask so that it can record every moment of your play on the field.

Many players have started to capture the moments of glory in the field to show these moments to the people they love. 

It is only possible with the help of technology that is becoming powerful every day; besides this, the coming cameras are small to mount them in the mask.

Many people use this idea because you can learn many things when you see your gameplay videos. You can:

  • Improve your skills
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Capture these memories to show to your loved ones

Before telling you how to mount your camera on your mask; you need to know what to look in a camera to be perfect for you. If you mount a camera that will not have the latest tech, you will not get a clear view.

Things to look in the camera:

  • Video stabilization
  • Video quality
  • Battery life
  • Weight
  • Protective cases

Before you buy a camera, you should look for these features to work properly; besides this, if you do not have a camera that can record the best moments of your life. There is no use of it!

If you have a camera that does not have the ability to reduce the vibration or impacts when you are running; there is no use of that camera. 

This option is not available in the older or cheaper cameras; you need to buy the best camera that provides this feature.

You need to record the moments in the best quality so that you can able to see them when you want; the best quality that you should look for is 720p at 24fps. 

Besides this, you need to make sure that the zoom lens is at the right length so that the camera can make a decent video of your play.

The worst thing that you can imagine to happen while recording is that the battery runs out. It is recommended to use a camera with the best battery life; so that it can record for all day long in the field. 

If you are using your camera to make a video at a higher frame rate; you can reduce it to extend your camera’s battery life.

When it comes to weight; everybody knows that they can show you on the field if you are using heavy products. 

Professionals recommend using lightweight products; in the same way, you must use a compact size and lightweight camera. Because it will reduce the load on your neck and your game will be perfect!

Many people spend thousands of dollars to mount their camera on the mask, but they do not think about its protection. You must use a cover that will give protection to your camera from the impacts on the field.

Otherwise, the lens can break, and in return, you have to buy a new camera spending a handsome amount of money.

Filming guidance:

There is a sudden thing that you need to take care if you want the best results from your camera. These factors are:

  • Shoot at a resolution that you can edit easily
  • Check camera angle and position
  • Noise reduction and colour correction 
  • Set camera FOV
  • Reduce all unusual movement of the camera
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While you have taken care of these features, you will get the perfect results of the video in return.

You need to set the resolution to the point you can edit; it means making the video at the fps you can handle. Once you had made the video, you can edit it like reducing the extra noise and vibrations.

When you set the camera on your head mount it in a direction that can take the video at the perfect angle. When you are playing in the field, it can capture every moment that you face and do on the field.

Go pro has its own filters that you can use; besides this, there are other options that you can use to make the video.

Suppose you want your camera to provide you with the best results you need to reduce all the movements from the unusual camera.

Because otherwise, you will get a video that will not provide you with the best results. 

Mounting the camera:


When you have taken care of everything; this is the main step that you need to do perfectly. If you do no it perfectly, it may cause variance in the video. 


You have to attach the mount on the camera on the upper side pos the mask; there are slots available to do it easily. There are different mounting options on all the paintball masks. 


You can mount according to the option that you found best for yourself. 


When you have mounted the camera on the mask, you can add screws on the mask; this will allow you to have a proper camera fit. If the fit is not sturdy, you can add washers on the vent’s side; this helps to provide more fitting to the camera.


Once you have set it, you are ready to use the mask. Once you have mounted the camera, you mark this to do it easily in the future. 


You need to do all these steps perfectly; if you did not do it accordingly, the camera would not sit perfectly, and it may cause you to have a blurry video. Then that video is not of any use to you.



You can mount a Go-pro on the top of your camera easily. It is best to have a case that has the ability to protect your camera on the field. 

whenever it faces an impact. If it does not, then the camera lens can break and you have to invest more money to buy a camera. 

Besides this; fit the camera perfectly removing the unnecessary movement from the case. 


Once you have done all this, then the mask is ready for use; you can now catch all the memories with the camera’s help that you have mounted


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