How to paint a paintball mask?

Everybody knows why the paintball masks are used; if you do not, and then you should know that these masks are designed to protect your face on the field. The impacts from the balls can hurt you, so you need to wear a paintball mask.

However, in this game, the mask is necessary, and it plays a key role in this game. Without this mask, you cannot compete; so you need to buy yourself the best paintball mask to start your career.

Many brands are racing to make the best quality masks that you can use; they are loading these masks with the best quality technology and parts. 

All of this is done to provide you with the best gaming experience, and they want to make their mask look best.

Everybody wants a mask that has the latest features in it; but, many of them, especially the youngsters, want a mask with the best stylish look to make you look attractive. 

Some masks are at the top in the market, but they do not have an attractive look. 

To solve this, there is a method that you can use; to make your mask attractive, you can paint your mask and make it look attractive and the best mask on the field.

There are sudden things that you should keep in mind before painting your mask. The part that you are going to paint cannot be recovered into its original style. 

So you have to do everything perfectly and accurately sp that you can make yourself a perfect paintball mask.

Required things to paint your mask:

  • Best quality spray paint
  • Gloves to cover your hands
  • Picture of the style so that you can paint it accordingly.
  • Tape to cover the parts that do not require paint.
  • Sandpaper 

You cannot use the paint you use to paint your households; to paint your mask, you will need the Krylon paint specially made for plastic. Otherwise, you will damage the base material of your mask. So it is better to buy this special paint.

Best paintball mask

Dismantle your mask

If you have a mask that you can dismantle, it is the best thing; besides this, if you have a mask that you cannot dismantle, you will need to work on your mask properly. You will require tape so that you can cover the parts that you do not want to paint.

Prepare your mask

After dismantling your mask, the next step is to prepare the parts of your mask to paint them. You should know that to paint a mask first thing that you should do is clean the surface of your mask.

It is done so that the paint can stay on your mask. Professional recommends using latex gloves while you are doing this procedure. It helps to clean the surface your mask easily. 

Once you have cleaned it; next you have to remove any sticker on the mask.

It is necessary so that the paint can stay on the mask. Besides this, you have to remove the old paint from the mask with sandpaper’s help; this helps the new paint set perfectly on the mask. 

The next thing is to use grease cleaner, and cloth cleans the surface of your whole mask. Now your mask is fully ready for paint.

If you are making a design in which you have to use different paints; then the solution to this is to cover the area that you do not want to paint with the help of tape. 

Once you have done painting with this colour; you can change the colour and paint the remaining parts while covering the parts you have already painted.

Painting the mask

After all these steps; finally, you are ready to paint your mask. It would be best if you made paint that you want to do on your mask. After making it; the next thing you have to do is that with the help of a cloth, remove the dust from the mask’s surface.

It would be best to shake your gun well before starting to paint; now, you have to paint all the parts evenly. You have to move your hand in a routine so that the paint can evenly distribute over the mask’s surface.

This will make the look of your mask more beautiful once you have painted it evenly. You need to 2 or three coats of paint on your mask. If you provide it with only one coat, then the paint may not spread evenly. 

If you are interested in making more than three layers of paint, you will make your mask heavy. 

If you have made a design on your mask and painted it with tapes’ help, you need to remove the tapes when the paint is dry. If you remove it as soon as you have painted, it will affect your paint, and it will not give the desired results. 

If you need to paint the vents of your mask, you will need to apply paint on your mask at different angles to reach to every point. Besides this, once you have painted the masks, you need to let it dry and then touch it.

Assembling the mask

Once you have painted all parts of your mask; then, you need to assemble your mask. If you do not know how to assemble the mask, then you can do it by reading the manual that comes with the mask when you buy it. 

With its help, you can easily assemble your mask, and then your mask is ready. 

Once you have painted your mask, you can use a shiner and apply it on the mask’s surface to give it extra shine.

Many people ask a question:

How many times can you paint a paintball mask?

Well, you can paint a paintball mask as many times as you want to; but all the time you need to paint the mask correctly. The paint can last on the mask; otherwise, you cannot do your work properly. 


Painting a mask is easy; all you have to do is follow the steps to do it. You can paint your mask as many times as you need, but you have to repeat the process accurately to get the desired results.

If you want to paint a mask on your own read this guide carefully and uses these steps to perform it perfectly. 

In this way, you are going to make a stylish mask for yourself.


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