How to clean your paintball mask?

Everybody knows that the most important thing for a paintball player is the mask or the goggle system that they own. People who play the paintball game think that paintball gun is the central part of this game.

Though you need the paintball gun, you need your mask most. This mask is necessary for you to play this game; this explains the importance of the mask.

You should know that the guns only do the shooting, but the masks play the critical role of providing you safety. 

While you are on the field, you can take hits and impacts, which may cause damage, so that is why the paintball mask is necessary to keep your face protected.

Paintball is a game that you have to play outside in the field; you will face many weather conditions in the area. While playing on the field, there is a 100% chance that you will meet dirt and need cleaning after the game.

When you are playing this game, you have to wear a mask even for a single second on the field because it is necessary. 

To use the mask, the one main thing that you need will be the clean paintball that will help you to get a clear view of the field.

You need this mask because even if you do not like to wear a mask that has paint and dirt on it, you need a clean mask to see the field and your enemies and take them down.

There is a complete procedure that you need to perform if you want to clean your mask correctly.

Products that you need to clean your mask are:

  • Water
  • Microfiber cloth to clean the mask
  • A lens cleaner recommended by the manufacturer

The detergents you have in your home are harsh, and they can damage your lens and the mask. Even if they do not damage the mask, they will damage the mask. 

You have to use the lens cleaner that is recommended by the manufacturer of the mask.

The cloths that you commonly use in your house can affect the lens of the mask. It would be best if you did not take any risk, and you need to buy the microfiber cloths so that your lens stays safe from everything.

You have to use the water and remove the paint while cleaning it with the cloth. When it comes to the lens, you have to use the cleaner to stay perfectly safe from scratches.

Well, after you have the material, then you are ready to clean your paintball mask.

Procedure to clean your mask:


The lens is the vital part of your mask; if you want to play the match perfectly, you need to entirely take care of your lens. When you start cleaning the first thing that you need to do is to check the lens. 

You need to check that if there is any crack or deformation in the lens. You need to check the edges of the lens thoroughly because breaking start from the edges. 

You need to carefully check the lens by seeing through it on the sunlight. This will allow you to see all the cracks and deformities easily in the lens. 

If there is no damage to the lens, then it is good; besides this, if there is damage to your lens, the first thing that you need to do is to replace the lens immediately. This will help you to perform better in the nest match.

The professionals recommend changing your lens immediately if you have taken a close hit to the lens on the field even if there is no visible damage to the lens. 

Next time, the lens will not have the capacity to hold against the impacts.

Clean the exterior:

When you have done the complete checkup of the lens, the next thing you need to do is clean the mask’s outer surface.


To remove all the impurities, dirt or paint from the mask’s surface, you need to wash it with the help of water. If you have a hose in your house, you can use it to clean the mask’s exterior.


But keep in mind that does not use a hose that has the pressure that can break the surface of the mask or it can damage the lens.


It would help if you kept this in mind that does not wash the mask with pressurized water; besides, do not put water at different angles. 


All you have to do is put the water stream perpendicular to the mask so that it does not damage a little bit of the mask.


Once you have done this if there is anything left, you can use the cleaner, and with the help of the microfiber, you can fully clean it. 


But do not use force to clean it because you will damage the lens and mask in this way.

Clean the interior:

Once you have done cleaning from the exterior, the next thing you have to do is clean the mask’s interior. You have to do it because this will provide you comfort and perform well on the field. 


As the paint does not reach inside; you can easily clean this part of the mask compared to the outside.


If there is any paint that has reached inside the lens; then you have to clean them with more concentration. 


You can clean it with the lens cleaner but have to be careful s the lens is more sensitive from inside than the outside.


You do not need to rinse your mask in the water because this will not be helpful. You can clean it easily in the way that we have told you before. 

Rechecking the lens:

Once you have removed the paint and the dirt you have t recheck your lens. Because there is the possibility that you may have left a scratch on the lens; now it is clean, you can check one time more.


Once you have done that then there you go your mask if fully cleaned and ready to use.


Cleaning the mask is easy! But; there are sudden things that you need to take care off. It would help if you had the proper equipment to clean your mask.


The things you need are mentioned above; besides this, you need to be careful when cleaning the lens.


It is because the lens is sensitive, and they need proper treatment.

If your lens is damaged, then you have to replace the lens immediately because it is required.

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